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Record Type Surname / Event First Name Father / Mother Date of Event Date of Publication Page Age Combined Comments Case* Plaintiff* Defendant*
Birth WEIL Charles 7 May 1884 11 May 1884 5 a daughter
Birth WEIL Chas. 14 Sep 1900 5 a daughter, his 11th child.
Birth WELCH Arthur Spohn Stanley christened 19 Sep00 21 Sep 1900 5 a son
Birth WHITE Major J. H. C. 30 Jun 1893 6 A daughter.
Birth WILLETT Miss Portland (Postmaster) 11 Jun 1891 13 Jun 1891 7 A daughter, first birth in Portland, Texas. "The company has deeded a corner lot to the new arrival."
Birth WOESSNER C. H. 21 Oct 1883 5 a son
Birth WOESSNER Walter "since Sunday" 17 Sep 1887 5 a son
Birth WOESSNER Walter 29 Feb 1892 4 Mar 1892 4 A son.
Birth WORMSER Ferdinand 23 Nov 1891 27 Nov 1891 6 A son, born in Laredo.
Birth WRIGHT Joseph 3 Jan 1887 8 Jan 1887 5 a daughter. In Nueces.
Birth WRIGHT Dr. L. B. 1? Jan 1892 8 Jan 1892 7 "…a bouncing 12-pound boy. The doctor is doing pretty well and says he feels a good deal better. Mother and child in good health."
Birth WRIGHT W. W. 10 Nov 1902 14 Nov 1902 5 Twins, son and daughter.
Black History 27 August 1887 5 Column 2: "In connection with the Republican literature of the period as to the treatment of the Negro in the South, we may tender the following fact: A Corpus Christi colored servant girl has just put $1000, at interest-money she has saved from her wages during the past seven years. There are no more thrifty people anywhere than the trusty, industrious colored people of the South." In connection with this notice in the paper, see Letter to the Editor.
Black History 22 September 1888 5 "The colored people's church built in San Antonio by Mrs. J. B. Murphy, formerly of Corpus Christi, was consecrated last Sunday by Bishop Neros."
Black History 24 November 1888 8 Large celebration at the Pavillion. "Grand Jubilee and Ratification Entertainment in honor of the election of Harrison and Morton and a consideration of the recent liberal donation of $!,000,000 by Mr. Dan'l Hand, of Conn., to the colored race for educational purposes. Master of Ceremonies was W. H. Leonard. Other helpers were Mollie Foster and Mrs. Josie Ford. Speech by Rev. J. W. Strong. A night of dinner, dancing, speeches.
Black History 29 March 1890 5 "Two colored boys, Joe Sutton and Fred White, had a difficulty in the upper part of town last Sunday afternoon, when the latter cut the former in the arm, making an ugly and dangerous wound. White now languishes in jail, and Sutton is at home very weak from loss of blood."
Black History Base ball 31 August 1884 5 Teams: Hill City vs. Blue Stockings
Black History Blind Tom 8 April 1883 5 "This musical phenomenon gave four concerts last week - three at night and a matinee, all of which were largely attended. This negro is known to almost every man,woman and child in the United States, and his arrival was eagerly looked for, many coming from the country to see and hear him."
Black History Branch, V. W. (or Brauch?) 26 May 1888 5 " … bought a barrel of potatoes last winter from W. S. Rankin for $4.25. He was in town this week and sold $31.50 worth of potatoes to Mr. R., and thirty odd dollars worth to other parties, realizing in all $65, from 30 barrels raised from one barrel of potatoes ____ ."
Black History Clayton, Isaiah 26 May 1888 5 "Isaiah Clayton, a colored planter near town sends us three white onions as large as a saucer."
Black History Coles, Professor S. M. 27 June 1886 5 "The colored public free school will close by an exhibition at the Congregational church on Thursday night, July 1st, beginning at 8 o'clock. The presence of the public is solicited." S. M. Coles, Principal
Black History Coles, Professor S. M. 4 July 1886 4 Lengthy article about the school's closing exercises, Prof. Cole., assistant, Miss Nelson.
Black History Coles, Professor S. M. 25 June 1887 4 Elected principal of colored free school.
Black History Coles, Professor S. M. 25 June 1887 4 To marry Miss Cornelia M. Lewis, of New Orleans, on July 29 in New Orleans.
Black History Coles, Professor S. M. 23 June 1888 4 Public School Exhibition: