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Record Type Surname / Event First Name Father / Mother Date of Event Date of Publication Page Age Combined Comments Case* Plaintiff* Defendant*
Marriage Strain Fred J. 13 Aug 1891 22 Aug 1891 6 In CC.
Marriage Strong Rev. J. W. 17 Jan 1886 4 -
Marriage Sturm James D. 25 Dec 1901 3 Jan 1902 5 In Houston, at the bride's home. "… are now located at Mr. Sturm's new home built last year three miles west of [CC], where Mr. Sturm is engaged in the truck business."
Marriage Sullivan Joseph E. 17 Aug 1903 21 Aug 1903 5 Married in CC, Monday morning, 5 a.m. The newspaper says on Aug. 16 but the 16th was a Sunday. Groom from Skidmore. Bride from the Oso. To make their home in Skidmore.
Marriage Summerfield Lester 1 Nov 1903 6 Nov 1903 5 In CC, at the home of Rabbi Marks.
Marriage Sutherland H. R. 15 Feb 1898 18 Feb 1898 5 In CC at the Methodist Church. Bridal tour to San Antonio and other cities in Texas. Groom was an attorney.
Marriage Swift F. M. 16 Feb 1888 18 Feb 1888 5 In CC, at the Catholic Church. Both were from Refugio.
Marriage Tally Wm. D. 24 Mar 1886 21 Mar 1886 8 In Rockport, at the Baptist Church
Marriage Taylor Edgar S. 30 Apr 1888 5 May 1888 5 In CC, Presbyterian Church. Groom from Galveston.
Marriage Taylor Frank S. 6 Jul 1901 12 Jul 1901 5 In CC.
Marriage Thomas Len M. 23 Sep 1903 2 Oct 1903. 4 In Meadville, MD. Groom from Meadville but had been in CC for 3 years, as proprietor of a drugstore. Bride from Meadville.
Marriage Thurlow Rev. Samuel 28 Aug 1901 20 Aug 1901 5 In Rockport. Bride from Rockport. Groom from Neosho, Mo.
Marriage Tiblier C. 13 Nov 1883 18 Nov 1883 5 San Diego, Texas
Marriage Tompkins Ambrose 26 Dec 1900 28 Dec 1900 4 In CC, at the Catholic Church. Groom employed by Aransas Pass road.
Marriage Toups Ed. 18 Nov 1891 4 Dec 1891 7 In Refugio, at the Catholic Church.
Marriage Tovar Antonio Garcia 27 Aug 1887 3 Sep 1887 8 In Lampazos, Mexico. Groom was son of E. G. Perez of San Diego.
Marriage Tovar Avelino Garcia 20 Feb 1892 26 Feb 1892 4 At Concepcion, Duval County.
Marriage Turner D. McNeill 1 Oct 1901 4 Oct 1901 5 In Austin. Groom was a senator from Nueces County, bride was the postmistress of the Texas house of representatives. Marriage took place in the "hall of representatives, wherein the senate and the house sat in joint session in honor of the event." Bride from San Antonio. They later resided in CC.
Marriage Uehlinger Henry 24 Jan 1893 27 Jan 1893 4 In CC, "at the Priest's residence on the bluff."
Marriage Vandervoort Robert 1 Aug 1891 8 Palatha, Florida. Groom had lived in CC at one time.
Marriage Van Schaack C. D. 26 Jul 1883 29 Jul 1883 5 From NYC.
Marriage Van Vleck Mr. H. I. 11 Nov 1899 17 Nov 1899 3 In San Antonio. Groom from San Antonio, bride from CC. Groom worked for the railroad, commercial agent of Southern Pacific at El Paso.
Marriage Von Blucher Richard Paul 22 Jun 1899 23 Jun 1899 5 In CC, at Presbyterian Church. Groom from Laredo. Bride from CC. Groom was born and raised in CC "and for a number of years set type in the old Gazette office.." Worked for the Mexican National railroad company in Laredo. Bride was a niece of P. Doddridge.
Marriage Wade John Jr. 23 Jul 1884 3 Aug 1884 5 -
Marriage Wagner Henry A. 3 Sep 1902 5 Sep 1902 5 In CC. Bride the daughter of Theo. Dix of Cameron county.