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Record Type Surname / Event First Name Father / Mother Date of Event Date of Publication Page Age Combined Comments Case* Plaintiff* Defendant*
Marriage Peterson Albert 14 Oct 1903 23 Oct 1903 5 In Beeville. Both families were from CC.
Marriage Philibert T. O. 29 Jan 1900. 2 Feb 1900. 5 At Episcopal Church in CC. Groom was an agent of the Texas- Mexican railway company.
Marriage Poenisch Robert F. 7 Jan 1903 9 Jan 1903 4 In CC at the Presbyterian Church. Both of Nueces County. First wedding in the new church building. Bride was daughter of Robert Ritter. Article about the wedding includes a lengthy list of wedding gifts and who gave them.
Marriage Polk James R. 14 Feb 1884 17 Feb 1884 5 "At the Congregational Church (colored)"
Marriage Powell Mack 15 Feb 1899 17 Feb 1899 1 In Beeville.
Marriage Praeger Mr. A. 5 May 1892 6 May 1892 1 Beeville. Bride was stepdaughter to J. F. Drake. Groom in hardware business. Honeymoon trip to Houston, Galveston, New Orleans, Dallas and San Antonio.
Marriage Presnall P. A. 29 Dec 1897 31 Dec 1897 1 In Alice. Groom was banker in Alice, Texas.
Marriage Prince S. S. 10 May 1892 13 May 1892 4 In San Antonio. Lived in Corpus Christi.
Marriage Prior A. B. 4 Oct 1888 13 Oct 1888 5 In San Antonio, on San Pedro avenue.
Marriage Priour Clarence 21 Apr 1900 27 Apr. 1900 5 In Galveston. Presbyterian. Long article. Bride the daughter of Capt. J. W. Laughton, of CC.
Marriage Priour Julian, Jr. 14 Jan 1903 16 Jan 1903 5 At Tuloso, 8 miles west of Corpus Christi. Groom was a farmer.
Marriage Puckett J. H. 18 Feb 1892 26 Feb 1892 7 In CC, at home of bride's father, Mr. Chris. Young.
Marriage Quinones Tomas 25 Oct 1893 3 Nov 1893 3 News item from Los Ojuelos, Encinal County, October 27.
Marriage Quintania Agustin 21 Jun 1893 30 Jun 1893 7 In San Diego, by Rev. J. P. Bard.
Marriage Rabb Frank 9 Mar 1887 12 Mar 1887 5 In CC. See entry for bride.
Marriage Ragland Thomas 28 Oct 1891 31 Oct 1891 5 At home of J. S. Elliff, near Banquete.
Marriage Rall Edwin 14 May 1891 23 May 1891 5 In CC. Groom was son of George S. Rall.
Marriage Ramirez Apolonio 20 Jun 1893 30 Jun 1893 7 In San Diego, by Rev. J. P. Bard.
Marriage Range L. ______ 29 May 1888 2 Jun 1888 5 In CC, in Nic Constantine's parlor.
Marriage Rankin Wilson B. 24 Nov 1886 28 Nov 1886 5 In CC. Daughterof Capt. John Anderson.
Marriage Rankin Wm. S. 15 Apr 1885 19 Apr 1885 5 Married in New Orleans?
Marriage Raymond Judge W. C. 5 Jan 1902 10 Jan 1902 1 News item from Mathis, Texas, Jan. 9: "Mathis was the scene of the happy sequel to a very pretty little romance last Sunday when Judge C. W. Raymond, of the federal court at Moskogee, I. T., was married to Mrs. Grace M. Fisher, of Watseka, Ills. The bride is the daughter of Mr. Josia Matzenbaugh, who resides at this place and they journeyed two thousand miles from a frozen region to permit the aged father to witness the ceremony and to receive the parental blessing under a sunny southern sky. They arrived in mathis Saturday afternoon and were married Saturday at 12 noon, leaving on the 12:35 t
Marriage Reagan 3 Mar 1884 9 Mar 1884 5 -
Marriage Reid Dan 31 Dec 1883 6 Jan 1884 5 Cuero, Texas
Marriage Rhew Frank H. 22 Nov 1899 24 Nov 1899 5 In CC, at the home of Claude Fowler. Groom from Alice. Bride from Hondo City prior to CC. Couple were to go to Alice where groom would be in charge of branch hardware store of Blunzter, Robertson & Co. Bride was a sister to Claude Fowler and had been an telephone operator.