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Record Type Surname / Event First Name Father / Mother Date of Event Date of Publication Page Age Combined Comments Case* Plaintiff* Defendant*
Marriage Shaw J. D. 15 Jun 1885 21 Jun 1885 5 At the Catholic Church. In Corpus Christi.
Marriage Shaw John R. 8 Mar 1886 14 Mar 1886 5 In CC, at Catholic Church.
Marriage Shely A. L. 9 Oct 1887 22 Oct 1887 8 Rio Grande City.
Marriage Shely Capt. Joseph 17 Mar 1886 28 Mar 1886 5 In Cuero. Groom from San Antonio.
Marriage Simon A. I. 14 Mar 1899 17 Mar 1899 5 In CC, at the home of Mr. H. Cohn. Groom from Victoria. Bride from Corpus. Lived in Victoria.
Marriage Sims A. L. 25 Aug 1903 28 Aug 1903 4 Married in Aransas Pass at the home of the bride's parents. Groom was captain of the schooner Josephine D.
Marriage Skeen Jap 2 May 190. 3 May 1901. 5 In CC, on South Bluff.
Marriage Smith Adam D. 18 Feb 1903 27 Feb 1903 5 In Alice, Texas.
Marriage Smith C. A. 2 Feb 1898 11 Feb 1898 5 In Beeville. Went to New Orleans for a Mardi gras honeymoon. Planned to make home in San Antonio.
Marriage Smith John A. 2 May 1884 4 May 1884 5 In CC. Groom from Philadelphia, PA.
Marriage Smith N. R. 10 Jul 1893 14 Jul 1893 1 Eloped to Aransas Pass, the bride's father objected to their marrying. Couple from Sharpsburg.
Marriage Smith Thomas B. 26 Jan 1893 10 Feb 1893 5 In Hondo City, Texas. Groom from San Antonio.
Marriage Smith W. A. 19 Feb 1885 22 Feb 1885 5 In Allendale. His home was in Huntsville.
Marriage Smythe Peyton, Jr. 7 Oct 1886 10 Oct 1886 5 In CC. At the bride's father's home.
Marriage Snoad Wm. Henry 15 Mar 1898 18 Mar 1898 5 At the home of the bride's parents in Flour Bluff. Bride the daughter of Joseph Curry.
Marriage Southgate Thomas B. 15 Jul 1886 18 Jul 1886 5 Lengthy article. Married in CC, at bride's parents home by Father Jaillet. Articles names the bridal party. Bride given away by Capt. M. Kenedy.
Marriage Spann John R., Jr. 30 Nov 1892 2 Dec 1892 5 In CC at the bride's home. Episcopal wedding. Bride the daughter of F. E. Wells. Groom, the youngest son of Col. John R. Spann. Works for a mercantile firm in Dallas.
Marriage Sprague George 6 Jun 1898 10 Jun 1898 5 At Realitos, at home of P. Downs. Groom was a railroad agent.
Marriage Sprague William D. 23 Dec 1902 26 Dec 1902 5 Bride's name may be La Ferie. The print is hard to read. Married in CC. Bride is daughter of Dr. Segrest. Bridal trip to San Diego then Laredo then to Monterey. Groom is "in the gents' clothing business…"
Marriage Staples Henry 19 Nov 1885 6 Dec 1885 5 Groom from Lagarto. Owned a ranch of 30,000 acres.
Marriage Staples Ira P. 1 May 1884 4 May 1884 5 In San Patricio Co. Groom from Collins,Tx. Middle name may be Price.
Marriage Stapp Wm. 1 Aug 1886 5 Stapp had once lived in Collins.
Marriage Starck F. E. 8 Dec 1892 9 Dec 1892 4 In Brownsville at the Cathedral.
Marriage Stayton Henry O. 10 Nov 1892 11 Nov 1892 5 In CC, at Trinity Church. Bride was daughter of R. H. Read. Groom from Boston, an engineer on the revenue cutter Galveston.
Marriage Stevens Wesley 31 Oct 1892 4 Nov 1892 4 In CC at the Catholic Church. "The groom is a worthy young stock- man who lives near Santa Gertrudes, while the bride is the amiable daughter of Mr. James Hatch who resides just west of town."