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Black History I.U.P Club 12 July 1885 5 " … gave their first after dark basket picnic and fish fry last Thursday, July 9, at the Pavilion. A large attendance and joyful time is reported. The names of the officers of this club are W. H. Leonard, president. C. A. Parker, vice president. B. G. Hardaway, secretary, and Ed Crockett, treasurer."
Black History Letter to the Editor 27 August 1887 4 A thank you for the Caller refuting a Cincinnati Times-Star article about the southern person being shiftless, etc. "The Star man has, no doubt, ran for office in one of the colored man's strongholds, and he was very justly defeated by their votes, which is what prompts such articles, I dare say."
Black History Masquerade Ball 21 Feb 1886 5 "The colored people had a grand masquerade ball at Market hall last Wednesday night. It is reported a grand success, financially, and otherwise."
Black History Miller, Mollie 15 October 1887 5 "Mollie Miller, col., was wounded in the neck last Tuesday night by John Bingham, col., who used a pocket knife. The colored people of this city will lose their good reputation if they don't cease their bad behavior."
Black History Murphy, Mrs. M. M. 18 August 1888 4 "The S. A. Express of recent date contains the following mention of a former resident of this city: Mrs. M. M. Murphy, of Corpus Christi, is making a commendable effort to help the colored people on the east side of town. She has recently erected a neat brick church and clergy house on Nolan Street, and yesterday obtained a permit to erect a brick building for a free school for children. This last charity is especially good, as the lack of school room for the colored children in San Antonio is well known. The new building will be of brick and will cost $700. It will be situated on Live Oak str
Black History National Colored Press Association 5 August 1883 1 "The National Colored Press Association, at its meeting in St. Louis resolved that the word negro should hereafter commence with the capital letter N."
Black History "The Negro in Politics" 13 May 1883 4 Reprint from New York Globe
Black History Nelson, Richard 3 August 1884 1 & 4 Galveston politician running for Congress from the 7th District. editor of Galveston Spectator. Was an alternate to the Republican National Convention in Chicago.
Black History Page-Armstrong wedding 18 Oct 1885 5 On October 15, 1885, at bride's parents' home in CC.
Black History Parker, Mr. & Mrs. Charles 1 Feb 1885 5 Celebrated 10th anniversary on "Monday evening last." Celebrated with supper, cake, wine.
Black History Railroad subscriptions 20 Sep 1885 5 "The colored citizens of Corpus Christi held a mass meeting last Monday night at Market Hall to take steps to assist in raising the bonus for the San Antonio railroad. The proceedings of the meeting as recorded by the secretary are published in another column. The action was commendable and the way they took hold of the matter speaks much for their their enterprise. In proportion to property interests and benefits to be derived, they have so far been more liberal than the white population. They have now subscribed on their lists $1530 and are likely to increase it to $2000."
Black History Railroad subscriptions 20 Sep 1885 5 "The colored citizens of Corpus Christi and Nueces county met at the Market hall Monday evening for the purpose of demonstrating in a substantial way the interest and desire they feel in procuring a branch of the S.A. and A. P. R'y to this city. Mr. Will H. Leonard, who is appointed by the regular canvassing committee, to canvass for subscriptions among the colored citizens, called the meeting to order and announced the object. He was requested to act as chairman, and Mr. B. G. Hardaway, secretary of the meeting. Mr. J. B. Mitchell, of the canvassing committee, being present was requested to a
Black History Scholastic Census (city of Corpus Christi) 13 July 1883 5 60 colored boys + 58 colored girls = 118 Of the 118, 10 cannot read. (Of the 547 white children, 75 cannot read.)
Black History Scholastic Census (city of Corpus Christi) 8 June 1884 5 67 boys + 65 girls = 132. 15 could not read.
Black History Strong, Rev. J. W. 29 December 1888 5 Christmas celebration at the Congregational Church. Pastor J. W. Strong, wife Annie Strong. Another celebration was held at the Baptist Church.
Black History Strong, Rev. J. W. 12 September 1886 8 Rev. J. W. Strong, of the Congregational Church, gave an address at the people's celebration. The entire address is reprinted in the paper. He supports the Declaration of Independence and asks that the whites live up to what they claim to believe in the Declaration. He expects the right to vote. "A million black men with so many votes, are hovering around their rights like a storm cloud over the heavens and will resist future plotting against their rights with all of the courage of Americans. One day that vote will and shall be counted."
Black History Strong, Rev. J. W. 30 Nov 1890 5 Having his home made into a two-story house. Building a school room.
Black History Strong, Mrs. J. W.'s private school 26 May 1888 5 The closing examination of Mrs. J. W. Strong's private school was held at the Congregational church, Thursday and Friday and a concert at Market Hall last night, which reflected great credit on the teacher and scholars, and showed improvement in the past year's training."It is said that the anniversary entertainment of the Seven Stars of Constellation at Market hall last Monday night was the most enjoyable ever given by the colored citizens here The widow's contest for a breast pin, with Mesdames H. Munson, S. Riley, S. Hall and G. Neal, contestants, was won by Mrs. Munson. Cake contest by Mis
Black History Sutton, Walter 1 Sept 1888 5 "Last Sunday night a negro by the name of Walter Sutton, took his employer's carriage and went on the hill to a house of ill fame where by making a false-statement representing that some one wanted to see her, got Margaret Edwards to accompany him to a place above town where he outraged her person, threatening her with death when she refused his demands. Complaint was made and on Monday, Sutton was arrested and examined before Justice Martin when he was sent to jail without bail to await the action of the next grand jury."
Black History United Brothers of Friendship and Sisters of the M 1 August 1886 5 25th anniversary celebration at the Pavilion
Black History United Brothers of Friendship and Sisters of the M 30 July 1887 5 26th anniversary celebration at the Pavilion
Black History United Brothers of Friendship and Sisters of the M 28 July 1888 5 27th celebration at the Pavillion "next Wednesday."
Black History United Brothers of Friendship and Sisters of the M 4 August 1888 5 Report on celebration. Food, speeches, base ball games, a solid silver cup was introduced by A. W. Harrison, as a challenge cup to be played for every year.
Black History Walton family 2 July 1887 5 "The Waltons, a colored family living at Nueces, had a narrow escape from death last week, and it is doubtful if one of the children recovers yet. Walton, it is said, is engaged in stuffing and mounting birds, and had some alum and arsenic setting on a shelf over the meal barrel. This preparation one of his little girls knocked down into the barrel and the cornbread made that day was noticed to taste bitter, but a considerable quantity was eaten, however, before the discovery was made. The family became very sick, of course, and in the rush and excitement for an antidote, the bread was thrown
Black History Washington, Fannie A. 23 June 1888 4 Teacher in the public school, mentioned in article about school exposition